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Vancouver to Toronto By Train

Trees…great scenery, mountains, prairies….trees…history, geography topography…trees…photography, trains, massive trains…trees…multiple 3 course meals, random enlightening conversations, moonlit snow…trees…searching for Northern Lights from canopy car, stops at places large & small…trees…2 hrs at really remote place called Hornpayne, population 1050 (my new favorite station name), as well as places such as Jasper, Winnipeg…trees…endless views, wonderful golden era 1950’s coaches & sleepers….and trees.

I just had the privilege of completing 4 nights, 2775 miles on the twice weekly, The Canadian Trn#2, Vancouver to Toronto. Memorable, great trip – did I say you see a lot of trees?

Lovely old stainless steel stock, but everything works.  My small room even had a toilet which is handy!

The food, 3 great meals daily, was excellent and the staff are clearly very special people to cope with this type of work.

Preparing For the 4 days and 4 nights

The main thing is to pack and come with the right attitude of mind, bring your patience and inquisitive side into all the things you see as you progress.

I had a little time to explore Jasper, Winnipeg & Hornpayne during stops and stretched my legs in Edmonton on a cold night.  Enjoy the viewing car as much as you can – it is great!

We arrived into Toronto on a sunny cold morning over 3 hours early!

Of course a laptop (remember no wifi or even cell service for much of the time), books and ‘to do’ list will help you get through those sections with trees!

Gallery – Vancouver to Toronto by train

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