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Transportation :  My Preferences

Simple, I prefer public transportation.  Why:

  • if you can manage extra physical effort, and perhaps a bit of planning the rewards are many
  • most importantly you will certainly get a bit feel of the town or city, you might strike up conversations (as you ask for help)
  • most people are happy to assist (I work on assumption that 99% of folk are good)
  • less hassle and risky.  I can’t think of a capital or major city I’d prefer driving versus public transport, complemented by Taxi or Uber
  • The Interrail  or Eurail Pass was known as the original Dating App!
  • mostly it is better value and you see more..  Remember to travel light  though.

Air Fare and Schedules 

Aim for Off Peak if you can, of course!  But what is Off Peak?

Today airlines cleverly price by flight so there are no rules as to when to book or travel.  Clearly travel across the Atlantic outside summer is cheaper for example.  So you need to research what suits you based on :

– your time flexibility

– airline sensitivity / preferences

– your mileage program


  • A search on Kayak.com or Google Flights is a good place to start
  • Try Scott’s Cheap Flights for ideas too 
  • You then have an idea when you search your regular airline or mileage partner.
  • of course if you can take more time and change en route  your price will often be less

What do I do    

By September 2018 I had 1 million  miles with United and Star Alliance so I gravitate to that Alliance if I can.  Because I can be flexible my Award Miles do go thousands of miles and save $$$’s.

We all have the United Chase card for a free bag most of the time.

Airlines such as Turkish, Brussels Airlines, Finnair have a great network and service so I use them to much of Europe Africa and parts of Asia.

In and to Asia the price and service is good of South Korea’s Asiana, Taiwans Eva Air, and Japan’s ANA.  I look forward to an enforced stopover in any of their hubs!


Hong Kong’s Kai Tak old Airport.


I took this photo of the famous old Kai Tak Airport in Hong Kong from a flight out of the spacious new Hong Kong Airport.

I had flown to the old Kai Tak Airport prior to its closing in 1998 and recall the seemingly precarious approach to it between blocks of flats!  It seemed that in a 747 the wing tips would remove the washing hanging on the balconies! 

It is now a Cruise Terminal.  Much better.

You can read more about it here .

Or see an approach to it here.





Trains  (Section still under construction)

Coming Soon

A section on Rail Travel

Coming soon too?

One day maybe?  Pyeoungyang , just a stop on a Seoul to Berlin train trip?

Sit back

It is difficult to beat the train as a way to see the world.

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