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Civil Rights in Little Rock

Little Rock saw several key moments during the Civil Rights era.  The most famous being the stand and suffering of 9 African Americans in 1957 during the era of segregation at Little Rock Central High School.  Today there is National Parks Visitor Center which I am sure is great , but due to a Federal Government Shutdown was closed when I was there!  Learn about the Freedom Riders who visited Little Rock in the early 60’s also.

Central High School photo is in the header.  And above is the period Gas Station opposite the new National Park Visitor Center.

Little Rock

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Little Rock, the State Capitol is an up and coming city with a growing population, now just over 200,000.  It is attracting people, often young, who prefer to live in thriving urban areas.  It does though still have a crime rate two times the national average.

The header photograph of this post is of the famous Old Mill that features in the 1939 epic, Gone With The Wind.  The park it is situated in (T.R. Pugh Park) is pleasant enough but the actual building, whatever the weather, is stunningly beautiful and worth the effort to get there.

Learning about Little Rock

Visit the new State House on the edge of the center of town, it is a working building and you can even go to the staff restaurant!  In the center is the smaller but older original State Capital which houses a more comprehensive display of the history of the State.  You can learn more about Little Rock and Arkansas at the Historic Arkansas Museum within walking distance across the small town center.

A key goal in visiting Little was to go to the Clinton Presidential Library, but again, due to the Federal Shutdown is was closed!  Have to go back now in my quest to see the Presidential Libraries – of which there are 14 now.

A fun free bargain is the restored Tram network.  OK it is not that extensive but it takes you across the river and around the town to revitalizing nearby suburbs and with driver commentary (in our case it was  a private tour as no one else was on board on a rainy day!).

State Capitol Little Rock

Central High

Old State Capitol ,Little Rock AR

History of Arkansas Museum , Little Rock

Clinton Presidential Library , Little Rock

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