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Narva Frontier

Estonian Escape

A few spare days emerged and I decided to explore some of Estonia!

The central goal was of course the magnifent city of Tallinn – and what a gem it is.  Surely a contender for Europes most beautiful city?

Yet I was more fascinated to learn about Estonia:  a part of the Soviet Union until the early 1990’s, only really independent between World Wars 1 & 2 and  now where The European Union and NATO meet, close Russia, (at the time of writing in the middle of the Ukrainian War).

Tallinn is prosperous, lively and pretty city with a battery of interesting Museums.   Nearer to the Russian border the signs of de-population show, Narva on the frontier reminds me so much of Eastern Europe during the Cold War with grim appartments and a people who will not talk but pass head down.

Estonia By Train

I travelled on the excellent Estonian Rail network.  Clean, modern (cheap!) and punctual.  Along with Tallinn, I got to the University city of Tartu and the border crossing at the fascinating town of Narva.  Observing the stark difference between historic Tallinn, university town of Tartu, the partially Russian border town of Narva and rural life along the way.

Gallery – Estonia

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