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Where to stay?  Location and location are mostly key for me. Often, city centers can be really pricey and of dubious value at times (eg London!).  So suburbs or neighborhoods can have the dual advantage of being less expensive and perhaps more ‘local’ and less touristy.  Of course I’ll want to be near public transportation too  (this concept works well in most of Europe, fair bit of Asia, some of North America). I will mostly plan accommodation in advance.  Nowadays just ‘showing up’ often simply costs more, as appealing as the idea is. There is such an array of places to stay and ways to book.  Just be slightly skeptical of the internet recommendations, the Trip Advisor – glowing reports and so forth.   The real challenge is deciding where you want to stay and your budget. So where do I sleep?  I am price aware,  but not cheap, I don’t need 5 stars, but I like a good night’s sleep in a pleasant, safe location.


For simplicity, best use of time and to get best location, a hotel is still often the best option, it need not be expensive,  and off peak is best.  (Sunday nights especially tend to be lowest priced!).
  • A search on is a good place to start
  • The vast inventory and presentation are hard to beat
  • Only negative is that sometimes if you arrive late you might be re-located
Branded Hotels    I tend to consolidate the chain hotels stayed in so as to benefit from member rates and free nights.

  • Radisson which includes modest places such as Park Inn  too (good in Europe).
  • The IHG chains, including Holiday Inn
  • La Quinta in USA (south mostly)
  • Best Western – everywhere!
Hotels with history or character (eg (some have crazy prices but some are wonderful!). US Bed & Breakfast are more upscale and unique than ‘B&B’s elsewhere.  Often have historic value and a chance to  stay in a more intimate setting.
Other Ideas

  • Airbnb  – somewhat variable but can be cost effective




Continent Specific Resources I have used. 

More information being added here.

See specific Blogs for other ideas




  • Globes best bargains – top hotels at reasonable prices!  Many of the branded hotels are very good.

North America

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