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Over Tourism

Yogi Berra said “that place is so crowded, folk don’t go there anymore”.  Shortly after World War 2 in 1950, there were about 25 million ‘tourist arrivals’ (Source WTO).  68 years later that figure was 1.4 billion, that is a 56 fold increase!  Back in 1950, 2/3rds of tourists arrived in Europe with practically none going to or within Asia.  Now Europe is still important at about 50% but other continents, especially the Americas and Asia are now significant and growing.

Our Changing Climate

Seeing and smelling it too.

There is a lot of talk about climate change, nationalism and isolationism in recent times.  Well, here are my observations of 4 days travels, which brought these together:-


Roar of the engines, nose up, clunk of wheels retracting.  We’d nearly landed in Warsaw,  read on..

Smoggy day in Warsaw>

Beyond a Travel Blog

We live in a more connected and yet more divided world, than ever before.  With affordable global air travel, the internet and telecommunications, we are more connected than ever in the history of the world.

Yet it seems to many, that as residents of this planet, that we are also far more divided than ever before.


Cruising.  In Crisis?

In the last 2 decades cruising has grown tremendously and is no longer just for the well to do.  All styles and budgets are catered for and the ships just get bigger, becoming theme parks on water and holiday camps for 5000 at a time. It seems fine when they are at sea.  It’s when they dock that the problems begin.

<Helsinki Market – now Cruise Port!

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On the way to Shimla in northern India

Train Travel

OK, I am bias.  I admit it.   The best way to travel, if possible is by train.  You see the place you are visiting, warts, beauty and all.  Stations are often meeting places, architectural gems, places of history and reflections of the places they serve.  Plus you get to relax and perhaps even meet people whilst you travel.

Former Station Scranton PA....sadly no regular trains currently

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